Saturday, February 16, 2008

Radically Accepting God's Entrance

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ok, I am not complaining or anything but I have only had like 3 days off this year. Since January I have been extremely busy and while I am back in town, I am still working a lot. I guess this is what happens when you love what you do.

Today I spent 11 hours at the church working on our new Student Center and we got a ton of stuff done. Our church does monthly workdays called Saturdays 2 Serve and they offer many differe projects in the church and in the community. The first one was in January and we had 60+ people. This month we had 115+ to help. In the Student Wing alone we had over 40 people helping in all areas. We had painters, electricians, carpenters, tapers, cleaners and anything else you can think of. We are soooo close to being done it is killing me. This week I get to spend the entire week tearing down walls & a stage, and then rebuilding it.

The time is coming for us to be finished. We are hoping to be done by March 1st and I am truly excited.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So I missed a few blogs...

How many thing can happen in a month? The New Year has come, I have been to another country, state, and side of my state. I was gone 3 of 4 weekends in July. I started a 4 week series and only got to do two of them. I helped build a school, gave medical care to the sick, kept a sick student company, took another student to an emergency clinic for a concussion, drove 23 hours in 3 days, slept two nights on a bus, got to meet Todd Agnew and By the Tree and so much more. Wow January was busy...

I am glad to see that people to still try to read my blog. Thanks for that. I will be updating it more often now and keeping you guys in the know. I will probably shift from a more personal blog to what is going on in my ministry.

Grace and peace...